August 2018 – General update

Although we aren’t harvesting grapes for another year or so its good to see them growing well.


This is a nearby site we visited, good to see how the professionals are doing it.

This photo shows how much some of the vines have grown so far this year.

Odd jobs

Over the wet winter the soil on the bridge over the stream became very rutted so we filled the holes with hardcore.

Turns out doing this on one of the hottest day of the year probably wasn’t the bets idea we’ve ever had.


Snow, snow and more snow… and deer!

The “Beast from the East” has covered the vines in snow, it all looks rather peaceful.

We also now have conclusive proof that we have deer roaming the field which is not great news as they love the nibble the shoots. We may have to think about installing some deer fencing to keep them out.

Snow covered vines
Deer footprints in the snow
Vineyard in January 2018
Nothing to do with the vines but the sun was shining and the tree in the corner of the vineyard was looking lovely!

Olive picking in Italy

November saw a break from the vineyard and a trip to Italy to pick olives on a friends olive grove. There used to be a vineyard on the site but ut was grubbed up this year, there is still an old press on the site located in a cave at the side of the land.

This year the crop was quite small and we only picked 646kg which was pressed into 140 litres of virgin olive oil.

Each crate we picked weighs about 18kg and they feel quite heavy after you’ve lugged them up the field.

Now we’re just waiting for the finished product to be shipped back to the UK for Christmas.

Panoramic views from the house
The olive grove and grubbed up vineyard
Luigi drinking coffee straight from the pot
The electric olive picker makes life a little easier but it does fling the olives all over the place

The olive grove with the trees picked bare
Marco multitasking