The vines arrive

The vines arrived and have now been placed into a cold store to keep them fresh until we plant. We now really only have 6 weeks to get everythign done.

Boxes of vines

Researching existing local vineyards

This was taken at Chapel Down after a lovely 3 course lunch in their restaurant. Well worth a visit!
On the way home we stopped at Biddenden Vineyard to pick up a few more bottles.
This was taken at a Vineyard in Mayfield where marcus has been working while studying at Plumpton College.

Ordering Vines, posts and a million other things

Today we started ordering everything we need to start the vineyard.

Most importantly we’ ve chosen the variety of our first 900 vines. To kick things off we will be planting:

250 Pinot Gris
650 Pinot Noir

We decided to leave the planting of the Chardonnay to 2018.

We also ordered everything else we will need. Our initial order was made up of the following which will all come from Germany:

44 x End posts 2.75m
88 x Voescht Intermediate posts (maximum 6.0 metres between posts; 700 mm recommended below ground):-

A special very hard steel ‘fitment’ (which sits in the top of the post while it is being pushed down) ,

46 x   850 mm long, 150 mm diameter plate, 14 mm thick rod, 1.45 kilos each,

2 x 1000m rolls of 2.0mm 4x-life wire
1 x Wire Spinner

1000 x Vine poles (tutors) 1.2 metre
1000 x AD pole clips
50 gripples + gripple wrench