Finishing the end posts and installing the intermediates

Starting to take shape
This photo shows the first 12 rows end posts installed and the first row of intermediates
On the right is the first row of intermediates
View from the bottom corner of the field
This photo shows the intermediates going in, we ordered enough posts to do 7 rows fully and then for the rest of the field put in every other intermediate post
We laid tape round the end posts to help ensure our rows were in line
As well as measuring the distances we also lined the posts up by eye to make sure they looked good
An unconventional method of putting in the posts but it worked! The post rammer made life a lot easier but it was a heavy piece of kit.
Team Photo from Sunday 23rd April 2017
Team photo from Saturday 22nd April
The post rammer came in a handy carry box

Marking up and putting in the first anchors

This was us checking the row width with the tractor. In the end we played it safe and went with a 3.2m row width.
The first anchor successfully in the ground.
We started off the anchors by hand and then used an old handle to put them in.
This was taken at the Easter weekend when we were markingĀ  the site.