August 2018 – General update

Although we aren’t harvesting grapes for another year or so its good to see them growing well.


This is a nearby site we visited, good to see how the professionals are doing it.

This photo shows how much some of the vines have grown so far this year.

Snow, snow and more snow… and deer!

The “Beast from the East” has covered the vines in snow, it all looks rather peaceful.

We also now have conclusive proof that we have deer roaming the field which is not great news as they love the nibble the shoots. We may have to think about installing some deer fencing to keep them out.

Snow covered vines
Deer footprints in the snow

Planting the vines

Makring out the field for planting
Tired after a full 10 hours planting
The last few rows going in
How the rows looked at the end of the day
This was taken after we finished putting eveyrthing in.

Prepping the vines for planting

The vines soaking in Empathy RHS Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi solution
The boxes the vines were tranported in
Alex trimming the root bundles

How the vines looked when first unboxed
How the roots looked after being trimmed. White tips should be seen.
How the vines looked before being trimmed

The vines arrive

The vines arrived and have now been placed into a cold store to keep them fresh until we plant. We now really only have 6 weeks to get everythign done.

Boxes of vines